For Environment

“Swarup Foundation” actively organizes various Tree Plantation Drives for many consecutively years. From having plantation drives in the offices to having them on forest land, the drive has been largely successful in the state and saw much participation of the youngsters as well as adults.

Cleanliness is godliness:

It is disappointing to see the garbage strewn all around the city. Our city has turned into a garbage bin. Hence we initiate cleanliness drives frequently to make our city clean and ever green and to establish the importance of hygiene among children. We encourage our students to achieve their vision of a prosperous and beautiful environment through embarking the real community spirit.

We believe that charity begins at home! We have to bring about the change we want to see around us, the responsibility lies upon us. We conduct various effective campaigns and programs with the aim of maintaining cleanliness and make our city a better place to live in.

Swarup Foundation promotes a prosperous and beautiful environment created and nurtured by a supportive community. We not only aim at cleaning the streets but also the forts and other tourist sites that are the symbols of our cultural heritage.

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